Joe Cipriano – Florida-  “I bought the book on Kindle and couldn’t put it down. If you lived this era, it will bring back memories, if not, it will help you understand those of us who did.”

Gale Blane Sellers – New Jersey – “Loved it! Brings back memories; danced to the music. The kids today don’t realize how much fun their parents had! Keep on dancing!”

C.J. Mueller/ Flying Mueller Brothers – New Jersey – “I love the book! Read it cover to cover and learned more about the club scene in the 70’s and 80’s, and about the work ethic of a young guy and the power of a family that sticks together…….Thanks for the memories!

Michael Murphy – New Jersey –”Great book. Couldn’t put it down. It nailed that era! The book brought back great memories. It was a great time for rock clubs.”

Jill Squeglia Dutschmann – New Jersey – “I truly enjoyed reading your book. I couldn’t put it down!”

Lisa Warren Cilurzo – New York –”Great time and terrific book. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!”

Nancy Greene – New Jersey – “Great book! True to the time. The pictures are fun and the prices back then were so cheap. A beer $1.25. I remember those good times. Thanks for bringing it all back again, in a fun read!”

Gloria DeFalco Smith – North Carolina – “Just finished your book – Loved it!”

Diana Martin-Dee – New Jersey — “Loved the book, Rick!”

Peter Danese – New Jersey — “Great book capturing this ‘one of a time’ era in our youth and music scene.”

Keith McElwee – New Jersey — “You’re going to need another printing soon when the word gets out & beyond. Just the historical significance of how it documented an era. Much earned success!”

Rich Gulya — New Jersey — “My dear friends. I received a copy today of ‘Rock and Roll Meltdown’ and it’s phenomenal! This ‘history book’ must get into bookstores and record shops country wide.”

Pat Curtin –New York — “It was fabulous! Loved the book!”

Richie Coombs – New Jersey – “Awesome Book! Really brings back the great memories and captures a time in our lives we will never forget.”

Liz Dobler — Michigan — “Thanks for the trip back in time! I feel like I was just home! The book is fantastic! It really captures the time capsule…especially being in the ranks of ‘one of the family’ regulars!”

Mark Scala — New Jersey — “Just a quick note. The book is a page turner! I honestly can’t put it down. I know I got to review some of the manuscript while we worked on the jacket design and photo scans, but having it in book form, makes it all that much more “real.” Great job!”

Jay Canatta — New Jersey — “Finished your book, Rock and Roll Meltdown, The Circus Nightclub Story. Excellent! A must read for all that lived through the height of the Rock and Roll nightclub era! Bravo Rick for capturing it perfectly!”

Vicky Wildrose — New Jersey — “Five stars! This book kicks ass! Extremely thorough. I loved the interviews; they bring a multi-dimensional perspective to this incredible story. I just missed the drinking age. By the time I was ‘legal’ it was over. Thanks for writing the book, Rick…..So I know what I missed!”

Harry Sweeney — New Jersey — “Received a copy of the book on Tuesday and could not put it down! I would let anyone who went to rock clubs back in the 70′s and 80′s that this is a must read. And if you were too young or too old, this book will place you there at center stage, as the author promised it would!”

Bill Brislin –New Jersey — “Your book really captures the essence of that amazing time in New Jersey Rock and Roll history. Thanks for your contribution to some great memories.”

Denny Jarrett– New Jersey — “Remembering the Jersey Club Circuit – Mid 70s to Mid 80’s” on facebook.  So…imagine yourself sitting across from Rick Bandazian, as he’s telling you all these insane and touching stories about the days of “The Circus”…That’s what it feels like when you’re reading this book, it feels as if he’s right there speaking to you.  It’s a curious look back at all the craziness that went on in this club…and those great times…the 80s!  Rick’s book is so vivid, you can picture yourself being right there.  I loved it!  I truly recommend it to all who were a part of the Jersey Club circuit.  And even if you weren’t, it’s a great ride through the whole NJ music scene!”


Brad Levine –New Jersey— “This book was an excellent read. I suggest reading it. Gave me an understanding of what it was like to own a club but more relevant was that is captured the exact time for me that I was in the clubs and going to see all of the bands and clubs mentioned in the book. Great Read.


Laurie Tuttle—New Jersey—“Read half your book on kindle today….unbelievable! Could not put it down….brings back so many memories…I was 17 at the time and had a fake ID….then they called me into jury duty and I had to stop reading. “


Joe Nasso—New Jersey—Rock and roll meltdown is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Took me back many many years To a time that I thought was the greatest times of my life, Could not trade that for anything in a lifetime had memories that have never been forgotten it definitely put me back stand there watching concerts and having a drink . It was a great vocal written by Rick and I could not put it down for you want the fastest books I’ve ever read . That era could never be replicated and the kids of today have no clue as how good things really where.


Lisa Serritello Anzardo—Florida—Well…finished this book last night. For the last 5 days while reading it, I was transported back to those crazy, fun, wonderful days described in this book. Rick, you hit on pretty much every experience I had during those rock club days. Interesting to me was the behind the scenes aspect of the bands and the club owners/management. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and am already telling my friends to read it. Thank you for the time travel….











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