Excerpt from “CIRCUS-CIRCUS”

Rock and Roll Meltdown: The Circus Nightclub Story 1979-1983 by Rick Bandazian

Excerpt from “CIRCUS-CIRCUS”:

Sometime in December 1978, my brother got word of a
restaurant/bar named “Peanuts” in Bergenfield, New Jersey
that was for sale. With 5,000 square feet of space, a banquet-sized
kitchen, and a ton of parking, we quickly became interested. I
remember our first visit to the place. We sat at a booth and were
immediately welcomed with popcorn and peanuts, and a menu
that seemed to cater to children. Cartoons were projected onto a
wall as a kid’s party was in full swing. (Does it sound like another
place you know?) Let me give you a hint. Go ahead, throw your
peanut shells on the floor. Yes, it was Ground Round Grill and
Bar. Same idea, same concept, same peanuts!

The rest is all ROCK and ROLL!

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