Excerpt from “Daredevils and Snake Charmers”

Rock and Roll Meltdown: The Circus Nightclub Story 1979-1983 by Rick Bandazian

Excerpt from “Daredevils and Snake Charmers”:

We kind of thought of ourselves as trailblazers. Everyone
says this, and every bar would like to think this, but we
had all the crazy stuff going on before most clubs. Clearly, our
experience showed how crazy we were. But in a money contest,
my cash is often on the guy with googly eyes in a suit made of
buffalo wings, and springs on his shoes. That’s the guy who will
do anything.

We always wanted to be the first at everything. Sometimes it
paid off, and sometimes it sank out of sight. But as my father
always said, “If you want to launch big ships, you have to go
where the water’s deep!” We spent years searching for deeper

Usually bands tried to pass me a demo tape, because they
wanted to play at the club or maybe just open for one of the big
acts. Even though we usually booked through agencies, I felt
everyone deserved a few minutes of my time, even though my
brother had the final say regarding who would play at our club.
He had a great track record of delivering huge talent, and I wasn’t
going to second-guess him.

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