Excerpt from “‘DIVO’ LIVE! But not at Circus-Circus”

Rock and Roll Meltdown: The Circus Nightclub Story 1979-1983 by Rick Bandazian

Excerpt from “‘DIVO’ LIVE! But not at Circus-Circus”:

It was 1980, a short time before Devo released their third album
Freedom of Choice, which included their smash hit “Whip It,”
when my brother shared some exciting news. “I just booked
Devo. You know—the group that wears the flower pots on their

By this time, we already had an impressive resume of
national talent under our belts, and with Devo added, it would
only enhance our reputation as a cozy, small- to mid-sized venue
with big acts. This rising punk/ new-wave band had already performed
to a national audience on Saturday Night Live, so scoring
them at Circus-Circus was good news.

As customary, the management of Devo sent their tour manager
to check out the venue, inspect the facility, and go through a
checklist of items such as ample power, stage access, and basic
logistics for a show. My brother met with the band’s manager on
a Wednesday afternoon. Within five minutes, he received some
bad news.

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